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Author Topic: Automated VTR Forum Announcements  (Read 4187 times)
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« on: May 19, 2008, 12:32:41 PM »

First the good news.  There are several features within the forum that use messages sent via e-mail.

One is the ability to send out an announcement to all of the members of one or more groups that a post has been created or updated.  This may be limited to administrators I need to verify this.  However, this feature is very useful for letting the VTR members know that an important topic has been updated with new or corrected information.  If desired, the forum users can disable the reception of these announcements by changing a setting within their profile.

Another is the feature for watching for new posts that each user can set within each forum.  This feature is very handy when a new post is created, the user gets an e-mail message.  This way, the user does not need to log into the forum each day to see if something has been added.  When something does get added, the user will get an e-mail to let him know.

Another feature that works the same way as the "watch for new posts" feature above is the "Notify me of replies" option when you submit a post.

And now the bad news.  There are, however, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that do not cooperate with these features.  One in particular is Comcast.  If you are using an e-mail address like "begone@comcast.net" then you will not receive any of these messages, regardless of how you have your profile set up.

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